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Tools for responsible innovation

published on 28/10/2021 in “Social openness and sustainable development

Sustainable development, the reduction of the impact of human activities on the environment and vigilance with regard to societal expectations are at the heart of the missions of today’s engineers.

Grenoble INP-Pagora wants to strengthen the training of its students in these challenges and in particular, in the tools allowing to quantify in order to better choose. Eco-design, life cycle analysis (LCA), impact of human activities, carbon footprint … the environmental approach is an essential component of the training of Grenoble INP-Pagora engineers.

The project’s objectives

  • Have a lifecycle analysis (LCA) tool with regularly updated databases.
  • Train a dedicated LCA referent to meet the training and support needs of partners.
  • Provide a workspace for responsible innovation projects.

This project allows students and apprentices to

  • Participate in LCA projects during their training course.
  • Know how to meet the expectations of sustainable development of industrial projects.
  • Be sources of proposals during company assignments.
  • Consolidate their practice of eco-design methods and tools.
  • Mobilize the corresponding scientific and technical knowledge.

and companies of

  • Take a fresh look at solutions integrating an eco-design approach.
  • Benefit from expert resources for responsible innovation.
  • Access adapted tools that can be mobilized (SimaPro).
  • Take a step towards the simplified industrialization of solutions.
  • Promote technology transfer to their teams.

Contact: Agnès Boyer



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