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Renovation of the Anselme-Payen Library

published on 28/10/2021 in “Innovation

For several years, Grenoble INP-Pagora has been implementing an active pedagogy (learning by problems, projects) and committing to a skills-based approach. These actions respond to the need to get students to work in groups on complex problems, to encourage them to take part in their training and to help them acquire the skills expected of an engineer.


As part of this approach, the renovation of the Library aims to promote the integration of spaces dedicated to project management. Thus, within this scientific and technical resource center, projects proposed by LGP2 researchers or by industrial partners can be worked on by students under optimized conditions.

  • Work areas in groups with dividers to attenuate sounds.
  • Individual or pair work spaces.
  • Relaxation and reading areas.
  • Confidential project areas.
  • Shelving in the center of the workspace to facilitate access to the fund.


  • Rearrangement of spaces: demolition of existing partitions and creation of enclosed spaces, opening of a skylight, resumption of floors, resumption of ceilings in materials with enhanced acoustic attenuation properties.
  • Furnishings with adapted furniture and equipment.


  • Creation of confidential collaborative workspaces
    → Budget: 5000 €

Contact: Agnès Boyer



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