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MAP 4.0

published on 21/12/2017 in “Social openness and sustainable development

Introduce the concept of industry 4.0 to associated audiences and control energy costs.

Associated audiences

  • Students using the paper machine during practical work.
  • Anyone using (continuing education) or discovering (visiting) the paper machine.

This notion of industry 4.0 corresponds to the digitization of factories in particular by the setting up of virtual networks used to control the objects. New smart factories are characterized by continuous and instant communication between different tools and workstations. One of the direct benefits of such a system is the reduction of the environmental impact of these smart factories.


Work on the control of electrical energy and equip all the motors of the MAP with a power measurement and connect them through a wireless communication system managed by a dynamic, flexible and scalable computer system.

♣ Equipments & pilots


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