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TAGA Annual Technical Conference 2018

Meet the international actors of the graphic industries, promote the research work done by the school laboratory and put into practice the competence to work internationally.

The purpose of the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts ( TAGA ) is to promote the dissemination of the state of research and the advancement of techniques in the graphic arts industry. It brings together world specialists in the field who work in industry, academia or research. To ensure the future of graphic professions, the international association promotes the integration of students. Grenoble INP-Pagora students form the only European chapter. The main interest of the French Chapter is to allow its members to participate in the annual technical conference.


Participation of the French Chapter in the TAGA Annual Technical Conference (March 18-21, 2018, Baltimore, USA).

  • Writing and translating scientific content.
  • Create an attractive folder presenting this content during the conference.
  • Search for sponsors.
  • Organization of activities to raise funds.
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