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DEEP, a collaborative learning programme

As part of the 5th semester ‘Company Product Project’, the DEEP project (Défis d’Équipes d’Élèves de Pagora – Pagora Students Teams Challenges) is offered to 3rd year engineering students of the school in partnership with companies or laboratories.

It puts the future engineers in concrete situation of project’s realization to validate their capacity in the management of innovation, in the project management and their technical skills bound to the transformed products.

The field of scientific and technical knowledge referred concerns in particular the strength properties (mechanical, optical, aging), printability, shaping, setting volume …
The proposed topics put teams of engineering students challenged to design and build demonstrators, prototypes of objects or structures using biomaterials, paper and paperboard, optionally functionalized.

The success of this educational and collaborative program DEEP incites Grenoble INP-Pagora to further open its collaboration with interested partners. Any project for the design and implementation of an object, product or structure enhancing plant biomass is eligible and may be the subject of a partnership. It may come from companies, government agencies such as research laboratories.

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