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2017 – Student participation in industrial research congresses

Organize a 5-day trip, including 3 days of scientific conference, to the United States to awaken the minds of engineering students to innovation. Visits to industrial sites and partner companies.

Participation of Grenoble INP-Pagora students at Student Summit 2017, TAPPI (January 14, 2017, Cincinnati, OH, USA) and at the 2017 Annual Technical Conference, TAGA (12-22 March 2017, Houston, TX, USA).


  • Meet with industrialists and discuss current issues.
  • Promoting innovation.
  • Look for job opportunities abroad.
  • Draft an “innovation and monitoring book” accessible to donors.

In the long term, create …

  • A portal for donors to access documents.
  • A directory of interesting industry-oriented events.


  • Logistics (travel agency).

The TAGA Student Chapter rewarded

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