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2017 – Creation of an Innovation Connected Space (ICS)

Create ideal conditions for students – Learning Lab or co-working space – to accompany pedagogically the management of industrial and academic projects, including internationally.

  • Space for innovation projects, prototypes and demonstrators.
  • Learning Lab for active pedagogy, co-working.
  • Collaborative link and connected with partners.
  • Communication / recruitment element.


  • Movable furniture, mobile compartments for an agile room.
  • Unlimited functional walls for creativity.
  • Digital technologies for co-working in face-to-face or remotely with partners in companies and / or internationally.
  • Shared screens / immediate sharing of information and data in teams.
  • Video conferencing equipment (octopus, interactive video projector).


  • Stimulate team management and project management.
  • Promote innovation and creativity, support entrepreneurship.
  • Facilitate remote work with “business customers”.
  • To become an inter-center of training: connect the classes of students between schools partners.
  • Developing international partnerships.
  • Facilitate the coordination of projects for professional student associations.
  • Propose interprofessional workshops, innovation modules for companies.


  • 3rd year engineering student (DEEP projects).
  • professional student associations: Student Chapters TAGA and TAPPI…
  • Public and private partners (companies), national and international.
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