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Manager’s word

Naceur Belgacem, Director of Grenoble INP-Pagora and the Agefpi

“Fighting climate change and finding a solution to the inevitable exhaustion of fossil fuels are global challenges that require urgent action. Over the coming decades, the use of plant biomass – a natural raw material that is abundant, renewable, recyclable, blessed with remarkable qualities and functionalisable, with a carbon footprint that is generally neutral – is set to undergo rapid development.

The training that Grenoble INP-Pagora provides to its student engineers is fully consistent with this strategy to exploit the immense potential of plant resources and open new doors for our sector’s industrial players. For over a hundred years, our school has worked hand in hand with companies and supported the traditional paper and printing industries through the necessary changes they have experienced: biomaterials, biocomposites, active and smart packaging, functionalised printing, printed electronics, etc. In an environment focused on innovation, our engineers acquire the key skills that allow them to contribute effectively to the emergence of green technologies and the creation of new areas of economic activity in France and abroad.

The Agefpi Endowment Fund supports Grenoble INP-Pagora in the fulfilment of its mission. Through their donations, companies and private individuals alike are able to express their belief in the school’s projects and contribute to training a new generation of engineers who will be the custodians of a sustainable world. “

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